We currently publish four journals that reach more than 37,000 physicians across Canada. We regularly consult the medical faculties of Canada's top universities on topics of interest to our readers. Many of our authors are on the teaching staff of these medical schools. We offer our readers relevant, up-to-date articles designed to provide high-quality continuing medical education. Here's a quick look at what our journals have to offer.

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The Canadian Journal of Diagnosis is a monthly publication aimed at general practitioners and clinical specialists across the country. Its articles are devoted to helping physicians fine-tune their diagnostic skills and keeping readers abreast of the latest diagnostic techniques and advances. Subscription information
The Canadian Journal of Continuing Medical Education, published at least 10 times a year, is aimed at general and family practitioners, as well as most clinical specialists. Its objective is to inform readers about the latest advances in diagnostic techniques and treatment modalities. Subscription information
Clinicien plus, a monthly French-language publication released six times a year, is written by specialists for general practitioners, mostly in Qu├ębec but also in other regions of Canada. Pertinent medical information, diagnosis and treatments for everyday practice are presented in this journal. The information is supported by reputable sources and visual aids. Clinicien plus also includes an overview of new technology updates.Subscription information

Canadian Pharmaceutical Marketing is a trade magazine published five times a year. It carries news about industry trends and developments, as well as special feature articles on pharmaceutical firms and advertising agencies. This publication is distributed to over 1,100 executives employed by pharmaceutical companies and their advertising agencies. Subscription information