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January 2007, Volume 19, Number 1

Penny Davis, MD, DCH, DObstRCOG

Diagnose This!
Little Bradley's Large Rash

Bug of the Month
Douglas Kralt, BSc; and John M. Embil, MD, FRCPC

The Lumps and Bumps of Molloscum Contagiosum

Doc Talk
An interview with Dr. Simon Treissman

Case In...
Anne M. Pausjenssen, MD, MSc, FRCPC

Metabolic Syndrome: Helping Mary Manage

Photo Clinic
Benjamin Barankin, MD, FRCPC

"My child is losing hair!"

Consultant’s Corner

1. Recurring Diarrhea
2. Enhancing breast milk supply
3. Treating drug-eluting stents with clopidogrel
4. Exercises that can help with arthritis
5. Can patients on clopidogrel be put on coumadin?
6. Treatment for a seizure disorder
7. Innoculation of Hep A patients
8. Topical treatment for mucous cysts
9. Nutcracker esophagus treatment
10. Modafinil and treatment of sleepy patients
11. Does niacin lower hs-CRP?
12. Management of PMR
13. HPV DNA testing
14. When to treat low ferritin
15. Arthritis prevention
16. An approach to severe seborrheic scalp dermatitis

Time Out
Howard A. Winston, MD, CCFP, FCFP, Dip. Sport Med. (CASM)

Uncocking the Triggered Thumb

Quick Queries
Ashok Malla, MBBS, FRCP

Psychosis: Catching it Early


1. Red, Weeping and Oozing
2. A Rough Forehead
3. A Flat Papule
4. Itchy Arms
5. A Patchy Neck
6. A Chronic Condition
7. "Why Am I Losing Hair?"
8. Bothersome Bites
9. Ring-like Lashes

Lisa Pausjenssen, MD, FRCPC

Asthama and COPD: Making Sense of New Inhalers

Pigmentation: Too Much or Too Little?
Youwen Zhou, MD, PhD, FRCPC


February 2007, Volume 19, Number 2

Doug Sinclair, MD, CCFP (EM), FRCPC

Bug of the Month
Ranzi M. Helewa, BSc; and John M. Embil, MD, FRCPC

What to do with Coagulase-Negative Staphylococci

Case In...
Colleen O' Connell, BSc, BMedSci, MD, FRCPC

Chronic Pain: Tom's Agonizing Feet

Photo Clinic
Hayder Kubba, MD, FRCS

A Chronic Condition

Consultant’s Corner

1. Diagnostic criteria for rheumatoid arthritis
2. Colonoscopy miss rates
3. Monitoring thyroid patients
4. Are ARBs contraindicated in patients with angioedema?
5. Eye malignancies
6. Hemorrhoid management
7. The failure rate of the morning-after pill
8. Diagnosing polymyalgia rheumatica
9. Elevated CRP & CHD
10. OC pills and the morning-after pill
11. Fever in an infant
12. Receiving a second dose of the MMR vaccine
13. Smoking and fibromyalgia
14. Chronic nose bleeds
15. Treatment of cutaneous larva migrans
16. Non-retractile foreskin in children
17. Anemia in the elderly
18. The relationship between food and eczema

Time Out
Howard A. Winston, MD, CCFP, FCFP, Dip. Sport Med. (CASM)

Stretching the Truth


1. A Swollen and Tender Eye
2. A Large Nodule
3. Painful and Swollen
4. “Why is my foot itchy?”
5. A Concerning Rash
6. “What caused these scars?”
7. “Maturity” Spots
8. Loosely Anchored Hair
9. A Rapid Lesion

Matei Andreoui, MD, PGY-4; and Darrell E. Drachenberg, MD, FRCPC

The Scrotal Mass: Ensuring a Correct Dx

Multiple Sclerosis: Progressive and Unpredictable
Roger McElvey, MD, PRCPC

Prostate Cancer Screening: Is There Really a Need?
Raj K. Goel, BSc, MD; and Ricardo A. Renden, MD

March 2007, Volume 19, Number 3

Ivan Silver, MD, MEd, FRCPC

Bug of the Month
Stephen Goulet, MD; and John M. Embil, MD, FRCPC

Stachybotrys chartarum: Toxic Mould or Toxic Media

Case In...
Siobhan Ryan, MD, FRCPC

The Diabetic Foot Ulcer: Harry's Toe Trauma

Photo Clinic
Hayder Kubba, MD, FRCS

Cherry-Red Papule

Consultant’s Corner

1. What the new DPP-4 inhibitors are all about
2. The significance of a Schmorl’s nodes
3. Statins and the avoidance of grapefruit
4. Evidence of mood alterations with isotretinoin 5.
5. Reflux in infants and toddlers
6. HPV vaccine for men?
7. Treating viral laryngitis
8. Infants and the flu shot
9. Excess earwax
10. Immunizing children travelling to Mexico
11. Vitamin A for acne
12. Migraine triggers in children
13. Advice for chronic congestion
14. Harmful effects of glucosamine

Time Out
Howard A. Winston, MD, CCFP, FCFP, Dip. Sport Med. (CASM)

"Thawing out the frozen shoulder"

Quick Queries
Tasnim Vira, BScPhm; and Beth Abramson, MD, MSc, FRCP, FACC

PAD: An Overview for the FP


1. A Hyperpigmented Patch
2. Inflamed Skin
3. A Painful Rash
4. Pruritic Lesions
5. Yellowish Bumps
6. “Tapioca-like” vesicles
7. Asymptomatic lesions
8. A Spreading Rash


International Business Travellers: Reducing the Risks

TIMS for AD: What are the Risks?
Elena Pope, MD, MSc, FRCPC

Comorbidity in BD: The New Priorities
Mr. Andrew Miranda; and Roger S. McIntyre, MD, FRCPC

Cholesterol-Lowering Foods
David J.A. Jenkins, MD, PhD, DSc

April 2007, Volume 19, No. 4

Jocelyn Lockyer, PhD

Bug of the Month
Sergio Fanella, MD; and John M. Embil, MD, FRCPC

Alarmed by Adenovirus

Case In...
James L. Silvius, BA (Oxon) MD, FRCPC

Cognitive Enhancers in Dementia Management

Photo Clinic
Benjamin Barankin, MD, FRCPC

A Self-Induced Disorder

Consultant’s Corner

1. The easiest follow-up for thyroid patients
2. Rashes from hot tubs
3. The role of nesiritide in ADHF
4. Dermatological uses of imiquimod
5. Treatment of a congenital hemangioma
6. Who should be screened for C. difficile?
7. The prevalence of Down syndrome
8. Rosiglitazone for pre-diabetics
9. The significance of green stools
10. When to stop giving statins
11. What is the current thinking on H. pylori?
12. When is the GDS considered invalid?
13. A normal attachment to his mother?
14. The problems with long-term laxatives

Time Out
Howard A. Winston, MD, CCFP, FCFP, Dip. Sport Med. (CASM)

Foot Cuffed

Quick Queries
Albert M. Rosengarten, MD, FRCSC

Endometrial Ablation: What FPs and Their Patients Need to Know


1. Erythematous Macerations
2. Yellow Fingernails
3. A Mass on the Abdomen
4. Itchy Bumps
5. Dark-red Targetoid Lesions
6. A Red-brown Plaque
7. A Firm Nodule
8. Skin-coloured Papules
9. Lip Problems

Mary-Lynn Savoie, FRCPC

Myelodysplastic Disorders in the Elderly

Acne in Adolescents and Adults
Catherine Zip, MD, FRCPC

A Doctor and Patient's Perspective on Chronic Pain
Christopher C. Spanswick, MB, ChB, FRCA

May 2007, Volume 19, Number 5

Ford Busey, MD, FRCPC, FACP

Bug of the Month
Steven Goulet, MD; and John M. Embil, MD, FRCPC

Foaming at the Mouth About Rabies

Case In...
Jerry McGrath, BSc, MD, FRCPC

New Trends and Controversies: Management of CD and UC

Photo Clinic
Benjamin Barankin, MD, FRCPC

A Pruritic Eruption

Consultant’s Corner

1. Using liothyronine to treat hypothyroidism
2. Treating androgenetic alopecia
3. Causes of belching
4. Recommended sunscreen for babies
5. A baby with a hernia
6. Household transmission of MRSA
7. Treatment of ingrown toenails
8. The management of glucose intolerance
9. Prevalence of childhood migraines
10. Enlarged mesenteric lymph nodes
11. Criteria for diagnosing adult ADHD?
12. Treating a hyperthyroid patient
13. Reader response: Recommendations for clopidogrel use

Quick Queries
Ann Colbourne, MD, FRCPC, FACP

Type 2 Diabetes: Insulin Matters


1. A Rapidly-Growing Lesion
2. Vascular Malformations
3. A Benign Dermatosis
4. Painful Vesicular Lesions
5. Tender Finger Webs
6. Inflammatory Swelling
7. An Asymptomatic Papule
8. “White spots” on the Knees

Alan E. Goodridge, MD, FRCPC

Short Snappers in Neurology: Clinical Strategies and Problems

Sexually Transmitted Infections in Men
Norman J. Lee, MD, CCFP

Diabetes and Kidney Failure
John Shik, MD, FRCPC; and Brendan J. Barrett, MB, MSc, FRCPC

June 2007, Volume 19, Number 6

Kendall Ho, MD, FRCPC

Bug of the Month
Sergio Fanella, MD; and John M. Embil, MD, FRCPC

Coughing Up the Facts About Respiratory Syncytial Virus

Case In...
Geoffrey Gotto, BSc, MD; and Ben Chew, MD, MSc, FRCSC

Hematuria: Watching Steven Closely

Photo Clinic
Benjamin Barankin, MD, FRCPC

"Something's fishy with my leg!"

Consultant’s Corner

1. The effect of heparin on thrombocytopenia
2. Prevention and treatment for hair loss
3. Immunizing children travelling to Mexico
4. Contact sports post EBV infection
5. Recommendations in treating cholestasis in pregnancy
6. Can NAFLD be cured by excess weight loss?
7. Testing for syphillis in pregnant women
8. Treating positive Streptococcal pharyngitis
9. Medication-induced constipation
10. Vitamin B12 deficiency and the Schilling test
11. Treating impaired glucose with metformin
12. Is cimetidine helpful in treating resistant plantar warts?

Quick Queries
Alan B. R. Thomson, MD, PhD, FRCPC, FACP, FACG

Dyspepsia: An Evidence-Based Approach


1. Mysterious Dark Bands
2. Papules on the Cheek
3. An Itchy Buttocks
4. Tiny Hyperkeratotic Papules
5. A Worsening Scratch
6. A Depressed Area
7. Asymptomatic Deep Furrows
8. Hairless Bumps

Matthew Bennett, MD, FRCPC; and Kenneth Gin, MD, FRCPC

Hypertension: What’s New in 2007

Obesity: Is it a CV Problem?
Simon W. Rabkin, MD, BSc (Med), FRCPC, FACC

July 2007, Volume 19, Number 7

Jatinder Takhar, MD, FRCPCC

Bug of the Month
Sheldon Derkatch, BSc; and John M. Embil, MD, FRCPC

The Violent Vibrios

Case In...
Anne Finigan, RN, MScN, ACNP; Leslien Walters, RN, BA, BScN, MHSc; and Lisa Macauly, RN, CPMHNC

Polydipsia: A Case of Excessive Thirst

Photo Clinic
Benjamin Barankin, MD, FRCPC

A Cosmetic Concern

Consultant’s Corner

1. What condition can be cured with BMTs?
2. Does the HPV vaccine prevent recurrence?
3. New glaucoma treatment options
4. Ferritine elevation
5. Post-menopause hormone replacement
6. Excessive flatus
7. Car accidents in pregnancy
8. Cardiac murmurs in early infancy
9. The latest on H. pylori
10. Statin intolerance
11. When to treat acute sinusitis ?

Quick Queries
Martyn Judson, MB, ChB, MRCGP, FCFP, ICADC

Substance Abuse: Treating An Illness


1. A Pinkish-Red Nodule
2. An Itchy Midriff
3. A Dark-Coloured Macule
4. Widespread Papular Lesions
5. A Historic Disease
6. A Firm, Round Nodule
7. White-Translucent Nail Plates
8. An X-Linked Carriers

Alexander Tischenko, MD, FRCPC; and Lorne J. Gula, MD, MSc, FRCPC

Alternate Strategies to Managing AF

Posterior Fossa Tumours: A Diagnostic Approach?
J. Keshmirian, BSc (Hons), MD, PhD, CCFP; and David Steven, MD, MPH, FRCS

August 2007, Volume 19, Number 8

Jatinder Takhar, MD, FRCPCC

Bug of the Month
Suzanne Ronald, BSc; and John M. Embil, MD, FRCPC

Recognizing Roundworms

Case In...
Laeeq Tahir, MBBS, FRCPC; and Abdulelah Al-Shaikh, MD

Conversion Disorder: Treating a State of Mind

Photo Clinic
Benjamin Barankin, MD, FRCPC

"My chest is on fire!"

Consultant’s Corner

1. What Can be Done for Pectus Excavatum?
2. A Positive Mantoux Test
3. Volvulus and the Rotavirus Vaccine
4. First-Line Therapy for Post-Menopausal Symptoms
5. Prevalence of Retinitis Pigmentosa in Children
6. A Legally Blind Child with Retinitis Pigmentosa
7. Hepatitis A and B Vaccine Combination
8. Obstructive Sleep Apnea and Cardiovascular Events
9. How to Eliminate Liver Fat
10. The Use of Bioidentical Hormones
11. Treatment Length for Clopidogrel Use
12. Bottle-Fed vs. Breast-Fed Infants

Quick Queries
John Jordan MD, CCFP, MCISc, FCFP

OTC Medications: Important Advices


1. A Reticulated Rash
2. Hairy Hands
3. Small Oval Vesicles
4. Grouped Lesions
5. A Yellowish Scalp Lesion
6. A Well-Demacated Area
7. A Superficial Infection
8. A Lichenified Plaque

Stephen Chihrin, BSc; Rajesh Subbiah, BSc(Med), MBBS, PhD, FRACP; and Andrew Krahn, MD, FRCPC

QT Prolongation: What to Do?

September 2007, Volume 19, Number 9

Richard Handfield-Jones, MD, CCFP, FCFP

Bug of the Month
Stephen Goulet, MD; and John M. Embil, MD, FRCPC

Mastering Strongyloides stercoraliss

Case In...
Grant Stotts, MD, FRCPC

Stroke Presentations You Don’t Want to Miss

Photo Clinic
Samir N. Gupta, MD, FRCPC, DABD

A Painful Ulceration

Consultant’s Corner

1. Is Herpes Zoster Contagious?
2. What to Do When a Thyroid Nodule is Discovered
3. What is The Best Treatment for Red Eye?
4. Chest Pain and What to Do While Awaiting Paramedics
5. Continuously Taking Birth Control
6. Why Don’t People with Allergies Sneeze During their Sleep?
7. New Treatment Stategies for Fibromyalgia
8. Omega-3 Supplements in Pregnancy
9. Atrial Fibrillation and Electrical Ablation Efficacy
10. Migraine Triggers in Children

Quick Queries
Brian Goldman, MD, MCFP(EM), FACEP

Controlling the Pain: The Key Principles


1. Red-Purple Papules
2. Ash-Leaf Spots
3. A Well-Circumscribed Patch
4. A Painful Skin Rash
5. Dark Pigmentation
6. An Atrophic Patch
7. A Cystic Mass
8. A Slowly-Growing Papule

Stephen Feder, MDCM, MPH, CCFP

Eating Disorders: Raising Awareness


October 2007, Volume 19, Number 10

Gisèle Bourgeois-Law, MD, MEd, FRCSC

Bug of the Month
Sergio Fanella, MD, FRCPC; Anh P. Nguyen, MPH, MD; and John M. Embil, MD, FRCPC

Rubbing Out Rubellas

Case In...
Tim McCarthy, MD, FRCPC

Rheumatoid Arthritis: Finding an Answer for Ann

Photo Clinic
Benjamin Barankin, MD, FRCPC

A Rare Condition

Consultant’s Corner

1. Can Children Wear Contact Lenses?
2. When to Investigate Chest Pain in an Older Adolescent
3. Treatments for Dysfunctional Uterine Bleeding
4. Treatment for Campylobacter Jejuni Diarrhea
5. New Treatment Options for Esophageal Stricture
6. Medical Approach for Non-Allergic Post-Nasal Drip
7. Knee Effusion Aspirate Showing Mixed Crystals
8. ACE Inhibitors and ARBs
9. Current State of the SARS Epidemic
10. Can Vitamin C Cream be Used for Wrinkles?
11. How To Diagnose Kawasakis Syndrome in Children
12. Causes of Hyper-Hemoglobinemia or Increased Hematocrit

Quick Queries
Fatima M. Hussain MD; and Patrick Montgomery, MD

Appropriate Prescribing for the Elderly in Long-Term Care


1. A Common Proliferation
2. A Finger Nodule
3. A Mysterious Mole
4. A Painless Cystic Mass
5. A Yellowish Scalp Lesion
6. Scattered, Itchy Papules
7. A Thick, Pruritic Scar
8. A Coin-Like Appearence

Douglas E. Hobson, BSc, MD, FRCPC

Why is Your Patient Slowing Down?
Clinical Clues to the Parkinsonisms

Introducing a Vaccine: The HPV Example
Greg Hammond, MD, FRCPC

Burn Basics: How to Assess and Treat
Ken A. Murray, MD, FRCSC

November 2007, Volume 19, Number 11

Greg Peachey, MD, FRCSC

Bug of the Month
Stephen Goulet, MD; and John M. Embil, MD, FRCPC

Drawing out Dracunculiasis

Case In...
Tim McCarthy, MD, FRCPC

Anticoagulation: When to Start, When to Stop

Photo Clinic
Benjamin Barankin, MD, FRCPC

“What’s this bump on my chest?”

Consultant’s Corner

1. Immunology Tolerance to Felines
2. Measuring Contrast Transit Time
3. Exercising Limits in a Low-Risk Pregnancy
4. Treatment of Peptic Ulcers
5. Is Surgery Necessary for Ear Infections?
6. Is an Ongoing Cough an Allergy?
7. Elevated Anti-streptolysin O Titres in Fibromyalgia
8. When to Start ACE Inhibitors in Diabetics
9. Role of Antibiotics in the Treatment of Lyme Disease
10. The Spreading Pattern of Warts
11. When Can Children Be Given Soft Drinks?
12. Erythropoietin Levels and the Investigation of Anemia

Quick Queries
Michael Greenspan, MD, FRCSC

Erectile Dysfunction: Old Question, New Answers and Ideas


1. “What are these blisters?”
2. Dry, Brown Pustules
3. A Chronic, Scarring Disease
4. An Itchy Lesion
5. A Non-Enlarging Nodule
6. “My skin is weeping!”
7. A Pigmented, Hairy Patch

Robert Issenman, MD, FRCP; and Ana Sant’ Anna, MD, FRCP

Tummy Trouble: Common Pediatric GI Problems

Chronic Pain and Depression: A Complex Relationship
J. H. Ennis, MSW, MD, FRCP(C); J. D. Ennis, BSc; and N. Del Bel, HBs

Psoriasis: What’s New?
Ronald B. Vender, MD, FRCPC

December 2007, Volume 19, Number 12

Penny Davis, MD, DCH, DObstRCOG

Bug of the Month
Christine Dueck, MD; and John M. Embil, MD, FRCPC

Epstein-Barr Virus: More Than Just Mononucleosis

Case In...
Kurt Christopher Giede, MD, FRCSC

Ovarian Cysts In Post-Menopausal Women: When to Worry

Photo Clinic
Benjamin Barankin, MD, FRCPC

A Concerning Nodule

Consultant’s Corner

1. Changes in Allergy
2. ARBs and Hypertension
3. Pap Test Indications
4. Oxycodone and Abdominal Pain
5. Treatment of Acute Sinusitis
6. Polymyalgia Rheumatica Triggers
7. The Role of Incretin Mimetics
8. Effectiveness of New HPV Vaccine
9. Preventing Acne After Isotretinoin
10. Newborn Tests for Adopted Infants
11. Allergic Reactions to Cats
12. Omega-3 Fatty Acid Cardiovascular Disease Prevention
13. Treatment with Bisphosphonates
14. HPV Vaccine for Males
15. Investigating a Family History of Ovarian Cancer

Quick Queries
Janet Markland, BSc, MD, FRCP(C)

Rheumatologic Diseases: Treatment Plans


1. Red, Weeping and Oozing
2. A Chronic Condition
3. Dark-Red Targetoid Lesions
4. Yellowish Bumps
5. Erythematous Macerations
6. A Rapidly-Growing Lesion
7. White Spots on the Knees
8. An Itchy Buttocks
9. A Pinkish-Red Nodule
10. A Lichenified Plaque

Tania Diener, MBChB, MMed (Com Health), MPA, DTM, MFTM RCPS (Glasg)

Staying Healthy While Travelling Abroad